Tim McAdams

Planner, Architectural Designer

Mr. McAdams is a project manager, planner, and architectural designer at The Urban Collaborative (UC). Tim has been a team member of the UC since 2011 and has served in multiple roles since joining the company. During his time in the planning and architectural field, Tim gained experience in military master planning, architectural design, and project management at the federal level, and joined the UC with a background in design/build in the residential construction and landscaping industries. Tim provides a high level of expertise in project planning and architectural design, community involvement focus groups and stakeholder participation processes., report production and graphic standards, construction document and permitting, and holds a deep interest in sustainable development and low-income housing. He has been involved with the planning and development of multiple Vision Plans (VPs), Area Development Plans (ADPs), Area Development Execution Plans (ADEPs), Sustainability Component Plans (SCPs), Customer Concept Documents (CCDs), Land Use Development Plans (LUDPs), Functional Analysis Concept Designs (FACDs), and several other products that the UC offers. Tim has experience in Master Planning, architectural design, and form-based codes for all branches of the U.S. military.

Tim holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon, with a minor in business administration. Tim is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP).