Successful National Capital Planning Commission Review for US Secret Service Rowley Training Center Master Plan Update

Established by Congress in 1924, the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) is the federal government’s central planning agency for the National Capital Region (NCR). Through planning, policymaking, and project review of all federal and select local government projects in the NCR, NCPC protects and advances the federal government’s interest in the region’s development. 

Project reviews are very thorough, include staff reviews, other federal agency reviews, local government reviews, and at least one public presentation. Total project review times can sometimes take years to complete with several public presentations. 

The US Secret Service Rowley Training Center Master Plan Update completed a quick and highly successful NCPC review. The initial proposed plan aligned well with the NCPC policies making it possible to complete the review with one public presentation followed by a consent vote (the minimum required). The Commission commended the plan for removing buildings from the western perimeter, reforesting the western perimeter, and clustering new and old facilities in the center of the campus in a walkable campus with walkways connecting activity nodes. With the inclusion of all indoor ranges near the center of the complex, the Commission noted that noise will be less significant for neighbors. The Commission also commended the plan for committing to a proposed parking ratio of 1:2 for student and employees which will reduce overall carbon emissions. Finally, the NCPC staff found the UC staff easy to work with and quick to respond.

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