UC Publications

The Urban Collaborative team believes in the value of education and writing about our work with and for our clients is one method of education. Our Principal, Dr. Mark Gillem is a Professor of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of Oregon. In addition, many of our team members teach and publish articles about master planning and design, sustainability, and architecture. Selected publications are listed below and can be accessed as PDF files or as direct links to relevant websites. In our work, there are usually great stories to tell and lessons to learn.

2018City of Clayton Updates Comprehensive PlanThe Ohio Planner’s NewsTricia Kessler and Jennifer Barclay
2018The Installation of the Future: Learning from one of the PastPublic Works Digest Linda Barnett, John Burgess and Mark Gillem
2018Avoiding long-term costs through effective master planningPublic Works Digest Lt. Col. Bill Smith, Janie Brady and Mark Gillem
2018Engaging the public, understanding the site create useful plansPublic Works Digest Mark Gillem
2018Robust planning supports evolving installation prioritiesPublic Works Digest Rumanda Young and Mark Gillem
2018Defining resiliency: A planning approach to mission readinessPublic Works Digest Jerry Zekert and Mark Gillem
2018Integrating historic preservation, mission through master planningPublic Works Digest Joseph Murphey and Lyndsey Deaton
2018Announcing new Master Planning PROSPECT courses for FY18Public Works Digest Jerry Zekert and Holly Workman
2017New Area Development Planning Unified Facilities Criteria on tapPublic Works Digest Mark Gillem and Jerry Zekert
2017Enhancing mission resilience by using green infrastructurePublic Works Digest Mark Gillem and Jerry Zekert
2016A well-designed picture is worth a thousand wordsPublic Works Digest Jerry Zekert and Barry Gordon
2016Master planning helps installations follow executive orderPublic Works Digest Jerry Zekert and Mark Gillem
2016Narrow wing buildings bring in daylight, increase productivityPublic Works Digest Jerry Zekert and Lyndsey Pruitt
2016Mixed Use solutions offer ultimate footprint reduction strategyPublic Works Digest Jerry Zekert, Mark Gillem and Courtney Cross
2015Planning for energy, water, waste at Reserve Forces Training AreaPublic Works Digest Cyndi Skinner, Barry Gordon and Gabe Cross
2015One of World’s Largest Developers Adopts Form-Based CodesFBCI Communities BlogMark Gillem
2015Why Windows? The Value of Natural Light in Master PlanningPublic Works Digest Jerry Zekert and Courtney Cross
2015Why Trees? The Value of Street Trees in Master PlanningPublic Works Digest Jerry Zekert and Courtney Cross
2015Implementing the Master Plan – Using Area Development Execution PlansPublic Works Digest Kristina Manning and Tricia Kessler
2015Implementing the Master Plan through Re-Purposing FacilitiesPublic Works Digest Mark Gillem and John Burrow
2015Going from Good to Great in Planning: Conducting Master Planning AssessmentsPublic Works Digest Jerry Zekert and Mark Gillem
2014Leading the Planning Process: The Role of the Garrison CommanderPublic Works Digest LTC Christopher Gerdes and Mark Gillem
2014Implementing the Master Plan: The Role of the Area Development Execution PlanPublic Works Digest Kristina Manning, Rumanda Young, and Tricia Kessler
2014Moving Towards Net Zero: The Role of a Sustainability Component PlanPublic Works Digest Cyndi Skinner and Mark Gillem
2014The Evolution of a New Fort Polk: Laying the Foundation for ChangePublic Works Digest Lorna Hanes, Joey Ball and Jill Schreifer
2013Three Tactics for Sustainable Development: Lessons from Fort HoodPublic Works Digest Mark L. Gillem
2013The Unified Facilities Criteria’s Strategies for Master Planning SuccessPublic Works Digest Mark L. Gillem and Jerry Zekert
2013The Unified Facilities Criteria’s Processes and Products for SuccessPublic Works Digest Mark L. Gillem and Jerry Zekert
2013Participatory Planning at Army InstallationsPublic Works Digest Barry I. Gordon
2013A New Recipe for Energy-Efficient Planning: The Unified Facilities Criteria for Installation MasterPublic Works Digest Mark L. Gillem and Jerry Zekert
2012Master Planning for our Changing EnvironmentThe Military EngineerJerry Zekert, M. Same and Lt. Col. Mark L. Gillem
2012Federal Planning Division regional conference reportPublic Works Digest Andrea Wohlfeld Kuhn and Jill A. Schreifer
2012Using townhome barracks to meet sustainable planning goalsPublic Works Digest Mark L. Gillem and Cyndi Skinner
2012Planning with SRM and OPM for a sustainable future at Fort HoodPublic Works Digest Mark L. Gillem and John Burrow
2012Capacity planning: Preparing for an unknown futurePublic Works Digest Jill A. Schreifer
2012Military planners want to make bases worldwide more walkableUSA TodaySean Reilly
2011Moving toward net zero: Role of master planningPublic Works Digest Mark L. Gillem
2011Great streetsPublic Works Digest Mark L. Gillem
2011Fort Hunter Liggett plans for a revived installationPublic Works Digest Cyndi Skinner and Mark Gillem
2011Embracing planning in the research environmentPublic Works Digest Mark L. Gillem
2011Creating roadmaps to energy-effective installationsPublic Works Digest Jerry Zekert and Mark L. Gillem
2010Sustainable planning techniques, methodsPublic Works Digest Mark L. Gillem
2010Form-based codes: a visual guidePublic Works Digest Mark L. Gillem
2010Planning for healthy communitiesPublic Works Digest Mark L. Gillem
2007America Town: Building the Outposts of EmpireUniversity of Minnesota PressMark L. Gillem