NASA Johnson Space Center Master Plan

In August 2018, NASA Johnson Space Center Director Mark Geyer announced a new vision for the center: Dare | Unite | Explore. These words symbolize a new era at Johnson and are intended to guide the center’s current mission to “Lead Human Space Exploration.”

Johnson’s Real Property Master Plan was developed to enable the center to support core capabilities, meet mission priorities and planning requirements, and respond to future mission changes. These priorities include greater resiliency, affordability, and greater efficiency to meet the agency directive of an overall square footage reduction of 25 percent. The Master Plan identified four main districts for follow-on planning: JSC Main Campus, Sonny Carter Training Facility, Ellington Field, and the White Sands Test Facility.


Houston, Texas




Complete. UC also developed area development plans and sustainability component plans for each district.


American Planning Association Federal Planning Division.Outstanding Federal Planning Project, Merit Award