Mike Knowles

Director of Military Programming, Senior Planner

Mr. Knowles joined The Urban Collaborative in 2019 as the Director of Military Programming and is an accomplished Military Master Planner with years of experience in military planning, real property management, estimating and project programming. While serving in the Army, he worked as a construction engineering supervisor and in a directorate of public works for his last seven years in service as an installation master planner. Upon his retirement from the military, he began his career as a planning consultant and since that time has been involved in numerous projects both at home and abroad supporting all branches of the DoD. Mike has extensive knowledge and experience with military force structure, tri-services category codes, conducting requirements, GAP and stationing analysis, developing installation and area development plans, conducting real property asset validation and Financial Audit Improvement Readiness (FIAR) activities, site analysis, regional and metropolitan planning studies and other various related planning studies and activities. He is equally experienced with developing cost estimates, preparing and programming DD1391s, conducting economic analysis and with the preparation of DD1354 acceptance of real property documentation and DD337 disposal documents.

Mr. Knowles holds a Master of Science in Business with a Project Management Specialization, and a Bachelor of Science in Business from the University of Maryland as well as a Bachelor of Science in Urban Planning from Arizona State University.