Lindsay Jacobson

Assistant Planner, Architectural Designer

Ms. Jacobson is a Technical Lead, Architectural Designer, and Assistant Planner at The Urban Collaborative, where she has practiced since 2017. She is a graduate of the University of Oregon’s Master of Architecture program, and completed her degree with an Ecological Design Certification. Focused on passive design and energy performance, she has been published three times for work in sustainable building construction, regenerative city planning, and climate-responsive building design. She is currently a member of the AIA and has worked as a Design Catalyst supporting workshops for the ACS Green Chemistry Institute. With over nine years of experience in architecture and design, Lindsay’s previous work includes civic, technology, education, and healthcare-sector interior architecture and design, building rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of historic buildings, and sustainable environment design. Highly skilled in Building Information Modeling (BIM), design visualization, and digital modeling/rendering of 3D environments, her role at The Urban Collaborative includes Technical Leadership, Project Design, BIM coordination, measuring building efficiency and performing energy analyses. Lindsay has been a part of several award-winning projects recognized by the APA’s Federal Planning Division awards in 2020 and 2021.