Kyhetica ‘Ky’ Lattin

Architectural Designer, Assistant Planner

Ms. Lattin earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Portland State University with University Honors. Through the honors program at Portland State, she completed a three-month long Post-Occupancy-Evaluation (POE) on a newly renovated university building, completing research on how passive and low impact building systems can affect occupants’ comfort. The Indoor Environmental Quality assessment (IEQ) highlights Kyhetica’s interest in designing sustainable buildings, that not only perform quantitatively, but also are perceived to be comfortable qualitatively by occupants. At Portland State, Kyhetica also took a range of geography and urban planning courses to balance her interest in sustainability on the scale of an individual building to that of the larger scale, including sustainable communities and cities.

Kyhetica earned her Master of Architecture at the University of Oregon, with a building science specialization and earning her Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC) certification. The masters along with two building science related certifications, highlight Ky’s continuing interest in healthy buildings and in turn healthy occupants. She interned in the UC Eugene office from 2019-2021 while receiving her master’s degree. She continues to work as a full-time employee by providing 3D modeling, project organization, planning, and graphic design skill. Kyhetica continues to develop her design skill through the pursuit of her architecture license in the state of Oregon. Ky enjoys traveling, laughing, and of course more traveling. She is currently trying to visit every single U.S. National Park in her free time.