Dr. Mark Gillem, keynote speaker at the 3rd Memaryat International Conference, speaking on the theme of Architecture and Urban Safety and Wellbeing

See more about the conference HERE (https://www.effatuniversity.edu.sa/English/conferences/Memaryat/Pages/default.aspx) The Urban Collaborative also led a workshop and capacity building session as part of the conference, facilitated by Mark, Hesham Issa, and Zoe Anton. The half-day workshop focused on Master Planning as a tool for community wellbeing. Participants included practicing professionals, professors, students, and municipal planners. The UC guided the group in a vision exercise that led to planning patterns and then used models to explore the differences between current development patters and a more community-oriented approach to urban design. Participants then created and critiqued the alternatives; and the course ended by developing a form-based regulating plan to illustrate how to plan for the highest ranked alternative.

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