5th Community Area Development Plan

The 5th Community Area Development Plan (ADP) and Area Development Execution Plan (ADEP) are integrated, and forward-leaning planning efforts designed to support a major program-level planning effort for the redevelopment of the existing training camps at Grafenwoehr and Hohenfels, Germany in order to position US Army Garrison (USAG) Bavaria for a significant new mission.  This comprehensive plan provides for the phased implementation of three brigade-level Army Standard Design Operational Readiness Training Complexes (ORTC), expansion of the existing airfield into a C-17 capable one, a new railyard at Grafenwoehr, and a one brigade-level (six battalion sets) ORTC at Hohenfels.  The ADP/ADEP optimally supports the “5th Community” missions, which consist of the 7th Army Training Command’s existing transient training mission (existing mission) and the new Regionally Aligned Force (RAF) mission.


Hohenfels, Germany


USACE Europe District