Quartermaster Park Area Development Plan, Fort Hood

The proposed plan for Quartermaster Park creates a more organized and connected district, providing increased connectivity throughout with a new street grid. This grid also forms a network for industrial expansion in the district. Within the plan, there are new locations for the line haul, which must move from it’s current location in Clear Creek/Darnall, for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), which must move from the future Exchange site, and also for a possible move of the Deployment Ready Reaction Field (DRRF) from 1st Cav. There is a new campus to move the New Equipment Fielding Facilities (NEFF) functions from temporary facilities. The plan also sites current proposed projects, including the Communications and Electronics Command (CECOM) complex. Finally, the plan provides for improved access to the commercial gate with extra queuing space from Highway 190.


Fort Hood, TX


United States Army


Completion 2013