Mission Valley Area Development Plan, Fort Hunter Liggett

The Mission Valley District plan depicts how an industrial area can successfully facilitate training, while being a pleasant, walkable environment for Soldiers, civilians, and their families. An efficient street grid divides parcels into large, flexible areas that can facilitate over 1.5M square feet of mission support. The siting of critical functions such as the washrack, POL, and staging area facilitates an efficient training sequence while keeping military convoys off of the main road. A Regional Training Center West (RTC-W) is located within a 10-minute walk from the installation’s barracks (located in Blackhawk Hills District), via a large pedestrian walkway. Street trees are proposed to improve the longevity of pavement, provide shade for pedestrians, and help mitigate stormwater.


Fort Hunter Liggett, CA


United States Army


Completion 2012