Lualualei Area Development Plan – A Conceptual Plan for DOD Installation Lualualei, JBPHH

The Island of Oahu has long stopped growing since it no longer sits over a volcanic hot spot in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The same goes for the Department of Defense's probabilities to acquire additional land outside of it's current land holdings. So what do you do with a relatively small land area with minimal facilities and aging infrastructure, but create a plan for a new DOD installation. Part of the LLL plan address the relocation of dangerous munitions storage to the better positioned West Loch District. This plan expands upon the original development at Lualualei by connecting a mixed-use town center and a variety of housing types with linear and neighborhood parks, recreation facilities and close-in training, therefore showing how the conceptual installation can be developed as the shift to the Pacific become more apparent. The plan identifies developable area for industrial and motor pool functions, barracks and townhouse-style barracks, multi-family and single-family housing, retail and administrative centers, parks, quads, opens space, an 18 hole golf course and over 5,000 acres of close-in training lands.