Hood Army Airfield Area Development Plan, Fort Hood

n accordance with the HAAF vision statement, the primary result of the planning effort is the development of three distinct but connected campuses: 69th ADA, AMCOM, and 1st ACB. The 69th ADA campus follows the existing master plan for the projects already programmed. The outyear projects, including the barracks, fitness center and dining facility, create a walkable campus with perimeter parking and access to a transit stop. The AMCOM campus consolidates all Logistics/AMCOM functions into the easternmost part of the district, including hangars 6978 and 6975. The majority of existing one story facilities are demolished and functions consolidated into three multi-use facilities and a large container yard. The 1st ACB campus consolidates all five battalions into hangars and multi-use facilities on the east and west side of Murphy Loop, creating a walkable main street, with a barracks campus and service facilities along Huey Lane, providing a “live where you work” capability. All three campuses are connected with a transit loop. The airfield itself was not a part of this planning process, but it is recommended that the installation continue to conduct maintenance and repairs of the airfield’s pavements IAW the Pavement Evaluation/Condition Reports.


Fort Hood, TX


United States Army


Completion 2013