Fort Carson

The Urban Collaborative team worked with installation personnel to analyze the existing study area and design a master plan that would improve upon the efficiency and walkability of Fort Carson. The resulting area development plan created a safe campus with a connected street network and sustainable buildings organized around a pedestrian quad. The new plaza is framed by a consolidated community center, a clock tower, and a new Super In-Processing Center. Nine new buildings facing Ellis and the reshaped Pershing Field can accommodate a variety of compatible uses (i.e. barracks, admin, retail, community support). The rolling pin barracks are preserved and the chapel is extended to act as a focal point for Pershing Field. New administrative / barracks buildings fill in the west side. The currently proposed headquarters is shown as an L-shaped building on the west side of the campus, sited both to avoid the contaminated plume and to create a focal point at the street corner. Using capacity based-planning as an approach to planning identifies 1.3M – 1.6M sq ft of development capacity using infill development as a guiding principle.