Clear Creek Darnell Area Development Plan, Fort Hood

The primary goal for development in Clear Creek/Darnall is to focus on the goals of accessible campuses and walkable small towns, in order to enhance community activity. Because the district is the home to the medical center on the east and commercial district on the west, it lends itself to transforming Santa Fe Avenue into a boulevard that acts as a spine for transportation and public activity. Construction of a new Exchange and medical center allows the existing buildings to be used for community services that are currently spread around the installation, bringing more activity to the area. In-line retail and mixed-use functions around the new Exchange create a town center, and future Garrison buildings in the Darnall Campus create a plaza between CRDAMC North and the existing CRDAMC. Between these two public spaces, high density housing blocks, with internal parks and a park block that continues into the Phantom Warrior district, allow for more housing on the installation, and also solidify Clear Creek/Darnall as the installation's community center.