Carl R Darnall Army Medical Center Reuse Course of Action Report

On 8 February 2011, stakeholders participated in a CRDAMC COA Workshop. During this workshop, the stakeholders saw a presentation on trends and strategies in hospital reuse. Participants brainstormed ideas about great medical space, office space, and housing and also evaluated features that would be important in a hospital converted to different functions. In groups, they sketched designs using different combinations of functions. These two meetings resulted in a set of design principles that relate to the vision and goals of the Fort Hood Vision Plan, modified to apply to a complex rather than the entire installation. Using the principles that are defined later in this report and the stakeholders’ ideas about what functions could be housed in CRDAMC North, the design team developed three courses of action which may serve as guidance to the base leadership in determining the future use of CRDAMC North. In all three courses of action, the medical functions that are not accommodated in the new CRDAMC are given space in CRDAMC North.