Aspen Area Development Plan, Buckley Air Force Base

Buckley Air Force Base (BAFB) is a 3,287-acre military installation set on the High Plains of Colorado’s Front Range. Situated east of Denver, one of the nation’s largest metro areas, BAFB enjoys a picturesque view of the Rocky Mountains and is serviced by a vast transportation system including three major highways, Denver International Airport, Centennial Airport, and interconnected bus and light-rail access. It has ready forces providing unmatched space-based warning and awareness while protecting the homeland and global war fighters, and is America’s premier space wing delivering unrivaled space operations and installation support for our Nation’s defense. Mission operations include training facilities and land, flightline support facilities, and other mission support areas including mission related storage facilities. Buckley has the only military runway, and the only airfield, licensed to operate tactical aircraft loaded with munitions within a 410-mile radius of Denver. The 11,085- by 150-foot (ft) runway supports transient aircraft of all commands and services, including Presidential visits to the area.

The BAFB Aspen ADP illustrates Sixth Avenue as an upgraded boulevard to support a new gate and mixed-use admin, retail, and other mission support infill. Following BAFB’s planning vision – In support of the mission, our vision is to create a sustainable, transit-oriented community through mixed-use districts with appropriate landscaping connected by a network of pedestrian-friendly streets. – capacity for over 2.3M square feet of new development is identified including warehouse space, a MSG HQ expansion, notional admin, mixed-use, an ADF expansion, and a nature area that links to the perimeter recreation trail.


Buckley Air Force Base, CO


US Air Force


Completion 2013